Originals Collection

Conjuring images of The Great Gatsby era, this Art Deco style model encapsulates the glamour and sophistication of the roaring 20’s... Clean lines, geometric shapes and a streamlined appearance, this towel warmer brings the enchantment of Parisian spirit with that extra je ne sais quoi!

Technical Information

Floor and Wall Mounted
Dimensions (mm)
H x W x D
TUBE Ø (mm)Heat Output
@ 50°CΔt
Heat Output
@ 50°CΔt
Electric element
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OG011A1543 x 550 x 16832 HEX3181085125
OG011B943 x 600 x 17532 HEX197672100

Accessories Recommended with this Model

Available in hot water, electric, dual energy and unheated. Other finishes available. Finish & colour options: click here

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