Originals Collection

Looking for that period feel? This floor and wall mounted design presents a majestic alternative for your bathroom, with our original ball joints for a decorative look. This handcrafted model is manufactured to the highest quality with care and attention to detail. Providing you with an authentic traditional look, this model will reignite your passion for the past!

Technical Information

Floor and Wall Mounted
Dimensions (mm)
H x W x D
TUBE Ø (mm)Heat Output
@ 50°CΔt
Heat Output
@ 50°CΔt
Electric element
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OG003A (3 Bar)938 x 575 x 13831.8163556100
OG003B (3 Bar)938 x 675 x 13831.8195665125
OG003C (3 Bar)938 x 825 x 13831.8207706150
OG003D (4 Bar)1238 x 525 x 13831.8239815125
OG003E (4 Bar)1238 x 675 x 13831.8266908150
OG003F (5 Bar)1538 x 525 x 13831.8292996125

Accessories Recommended with this Model

Available in hot water, electric, dual energy and unheated. Other finishes available. Finish & colour options: click here

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