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An efficient multirail offering plentiful towel hanging capacity and high heat output, the MD006 is as functional as is it beautiful. Handcrafted from the highest quality brass tube, this model adds a premium look to the popular form. 

Technical Information

Wall Mounted
Dimensions (mm)
H x W x D
Heat Output @ 50°CΔt
Heat Output @ 50°CΔt
Electric element
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MD006A700 x 432 x 82-10231.8+25.4285972100
MD006B700 x 632 x 82-10231.8+25.44021372150
MD006C1000 x 432 x 82-10231.8+25.44071389200
MD006D1000 x 632 x 82-10231.8+25.45751962200
MD006E1500 x 432 x 82-10231.8+25.45962034300
MD006F1500 x 632 x 82-10231.8+25.48382859400
MD006I700 x 332 x 82-10231.8+25.4227775100
MD006J1000 x 332 x 82-10231.8+25.43231102200
MD006K1500 x 332 x 82-10231.8+25.44751621300
MD006720 x 500 x 82-10231.8+25.43271116125
MD0061000 x 500 x 82-10231.8+25.44821645200
MD0061435 x 500 x 82-10231.8+25.46902354300

Accessories Recommended with this Model

Available in hot water, electric, dual energy and unheated. Other finishes available. Finish & colour options: click here

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