Welcome to Vogue UK, the country’s leading manufacturer of heated towel rails, designer radiators and accessories. Providing you with the most dedicated care, precision and passion within our craft, we aim to ensure your experience with us is enjoyable and inspired from beginning to end.

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Over the past 33 years Vogue UK has become Britain’s leading makers of heated towel rails. Established in 1990 within in the beating heart of Britain’s manufacturing belt, the brand is renowned for making English historical and modern European designs. These designs are brought to life by our highly skilled artisans and characterise Vogue UK’s philosophy to stand out as a pioneer within bathroom interiors. The authenticity that makes Vogue UK’s designs a global success, now inspires the resurgence of towel warmer manufacturing towards new possibilities. Innovative spirit, dedication to precision and a quest for perfection in the design, are at the heart of the brand.
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Artisan Designs

At the heart of Vogue UK’s approach are the Designers, Engineers and Makers that bring these interiors objects to life. The creative process starts with our British Product Designers, who lead as well as work with emerging interior design. Creating the right look and feel for new design is their single minded goal. With a keen eye for proportion, form and simple detailing; our Designers work with our Team of Engineers to produce considered items of quality. Our Artisan Makers are often involved in the creative process and gleam practical wisdom that improves the feel of our products. These Craftsmen are adept taking core designs and adapting them by size, format and finish; often to a particular customers requirements. Every Vogue UK handcrafted design is individual to the makers that have fashioned it. Each Vogue towel rail or basin stand has our thumbprint of ‘striving for the best’. Creating products that are as robust and durable as they are beautiful.

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